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The humble squat - women squats

A study aimed at discovering the perfect way to pee has stumbled on a bigger problem - unlike those in other countries, Westerners can't squat.....

A world-first study, which compared the Western loo with a seat to the developing-world squat style, delivered a surprise for researchers. They found volunteers were falling off the toilets because they couldn't hold a squat position for more than 30 seconds.

women squatsThe study by Queensland's James Cook University established that squatting is the superior way for women to take a leak. But the 100 Western volunteers could not hold a squat position long enough for a pee.

Professor AJAY RANE, the head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the university, says squatting can help improve bowel function, reduce the incidence of haemorrhoids and prevent bladder dysfunction.

However, until Western women learn how to squat, the perfect pee may be continue to elude them. A second study involving 500 people is planned for next year.

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