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Strength training helps your golf handicap

Would you like to improve your golf handicap? A new study shows that a strength and flexibility fitness program will have a positive affect on your golfing game and swing speed....

golf strength trainingThirty-one men who had an average age of ~64 years were recruited for this investigation. The subjects were divided into two groups 1) 12 men participated in the golf only treatment and 2) 19 men participated in the golf and a multimodal training program. Prior to, and after the completion of the 8-week training program, all subjects were assessed for muscular endurance with a 10-repetition maximum (RM) test on each exercise used in the training program. Joint range of motion was also tested for the following joint movements: shoulder flexion, extension, and abduction; hip flexion; and internal and external hip rotation. Finally, club head speed was assessed with a video swing analyzer.

The multimodal training program consisted of one set of 12 repetitions and was performed 3 times per week on the following weight machines: chest press, leg press, biceps curl, lat pull-down, abdominal crunch, leg extension, seated row, shoulder press, leg curl, and back extension. This group also participated in a flexibility-training program three days a week after completing their resistance training session.

The multimodal training group experienced significant gains (20 – 60% increase) in muscular endurance after the eight weeks of training with significant increases in their 10-RM in each of the exercises trained. These subjects also experienced significant increases in flexibility (3 – 37% increase) in joint movements assessed. When assessing club head speed it was noted that the multimodal training group experienced a significant 2.5% increase after completing the training program.

The researchers concluded that the inclusion of a resistance training program and a flexibility training program can have powerful effects on golfing performance as assessed by changes in club head speed.

Source: Thompson CJ, Osness WH. (2004). Effects of an 8-week multimodal exercise program on strength, flexibility, and golf performance in 55- to 79-year-old men. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 12(2):144 – 156

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