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Biceps muscle

Where are the biceps muscle and what do the biceps do? What exercises can I do to build up my biceps?

biceps muscleThe biceps muscles are on the front of your upper arm and are called "biceps brachii" in latin. They consist of two groups or "heads" of muscle fibres, hence the name "bi" which means two, and the biceps muscle has a short head and a long head. Spanning two joints (elbow and the shoulder) the biceps brachii brings flexion and supination to the forearm and also allows flexion of the shoulder joint.

As well as biceps brachii the upper arm also has the biceps brachioradialis and biceps brachialis muscles but these muscles are predominantly elbow supinators than elbow flexors.

The biceps muscle are responsible for elbow flexion, that is, bringing your arm up and closer to the shoulder, and are used in pulling or lifting movements. The long head of the biceps crosses the shoulder and elbow joint, and the short head crosses only the elbow joint. The origin for the biceps is on the scapula or shoulder bone and the humerus, and they insert onto the radius (lower arm bone).

The biceps are popular muscles to train (especially for males) and can add a lot of size to your arms. If you havent seen the moive "Anchorman" and the main characters classic talk about his "gun show" then I recommend it! But for arm size dont neglect your triceps, and check out this page on triceps training.

Exercises for the biceps muscle:

bicep curls, barbell curls, preacher curls, concentration curls, hammer curls (more brachioradialis and brachialis), narrow grip pull ups, narrow grip reverse pull ups. The triceps are also used in pulling and rowing movements.

Have a look at our article on muscles of the body for more info on muscles.

To find out more about biceps, the biceps muscle, biceps exercises, or strength training please contact us!


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