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Exercise beats pregnancy blues

Keeping fit and active while pregnant helps prevent a decline in women's emotional and mental health....

post natal depressionResearch published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine highlights exercise as an effective means for preventing decline in physical function and emotional health for pregnant women. With much of previous research having focused on healthy babies for pregnant mothers, this study was conducted on a group of multi-ethnic women, during and immediately after pregnancy.

Over the course of their pregnancy, researchers observed significant changes in health, including decline in the ability to perform daily functions and increased signs of depression, both of which improved during the postpartum period. However, for some these health problems can also extend into postpartum.

Women who reported insufficient money for food and housing, and lack of exercise, were most associated with poor health, before, after and during pregnancy. The article states that 'depression is more common among disadvantaged and minority women.'

Exercise is recommended and seen as an effective way to counter or prevent these changes. Endorsing this, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology suggests 30 minutes of moderate exercise for pregnant women on most, if not all, days of the week.

'These results can be used to guide the expectations of women, their providers and policies around functional status during pregnancy,' states lead researcher Dr Jennifer Haas. 'Statistics show that over 90 per cent of women in the work force continue to work up to the month before delivery. Of the 60 per cent of women who return to work in the year after delivery, two thirds return to work within three months.'

While the association between exercise and significant health benefits for pregnant women is shown here, the relationship has not yet been established as causal.

Source: IHRSA

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