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Healthy snack ideas

It can be hard finding healthy snacks that are easy to prepare, quick to eat, and not loaded with sugar or fat! Read on to find some healthy snacks and handy snack ideas....

Snacking between meals is a great way to keep your metabolism ticking along, energy levels stable, and your hunger under control. It means you'll be less liekly to have those mid-morning or mid-afternoon slumps, and when you get home you wont be so ravenous as to eat everything in the house before preparing a good healthy meal!

We have a list of snacks below that are (mostly): healthy, low calorie, easy to prepare or store, nutritious, filling, and tasty!

Fruit & vegetable snacks

For healthy and nutritious snacks you cant go past fruit and veges! Here are some of our favourites:

Carrots - easy to carry to work and they store well in a refridgerator. Quite filling and lots of healthy vitamins as well.

healthy snacksCherry tomatoes - you can buy these by the punnet from most supermarkets and they taste great (especially compared to larger tomatoes). No preparation required and a sweet taste without high calories make them a perfect healthy snack.

Apples - there are a lot of varieties of apples and you cant go wrong if you choose in season and fresh looking apples. For a change you could cut apple up and mix in with yoghurt and nuts for a excellent healthy snack.

Oranges - it can be a bit tough getting real 'orange' oranges these days with some fruit obviously picked unripe and then shipped in from around the country or overseas. Do your best to find some good ones, and it's much better to eat a whole orange than to have orange juice. Toothpicks after eating might be a good plan too!

snack ideasBerries - any sort of berry is full of antioxidants and healthy vitamins, as well as being low in calories, having a sweet flavour and easy to prepare. Strawberries are often available, but also try blueberries, raspberries, and bosenberries. You can purchase packets of frozen berries from the supermarket and mixed with yoghurt they make a fantastic snack or sweet desert!

Grapes - grapes are another excellent fruit snack that is sweet and often in season. There's not much difference between green or red so grab a bunch and get snacking on this healthy fruit!

Dairy snacks

It can be difficult to find dairy products that don't contain high amounts of saturated fat, and they do need to be kept cool so dairy as a snack food doesnt always make for an easy storage option.

yoghurt snacksYoghurt - there are some great natural and low fat yoghurts available from supermarkets. Our favourite brand is Ski D'Lite, the Berry Basket flavour is best! You might also like to try some probiotic yoghurts for better digestion health too.

Milkshakes - you can make some great healthy milkshakes from either low fat or normal milk as a good snack idea. Mix in fruit and blend if you can, or even add some protein powder for more substance and flavouring. Berries go very well in shakes, and for those who love chocolate try adding a sachet of low calorie hot chocolate mix, yum!

Cottage cheese - low fat cottage cheese is high in protein and makes a great spread or dip with your snacks. It keeps well when refridgerated, and can be used on top of crackers or in salads.

Custard - not the greatest option for healthiness but if you get sick of yoghurt and crave something sweet this just might do it! There are some low at brands so choose one of these, add some nuts or berries for extra substance.

Nut snacks

Nuts are an extremely healthy source of unsaturated fats, but even if they're healthy they do contain a lot of calories. Any snacks with nuts need to be small and make sure you dont keep grazing away only to discover you've polished off a whole bag! Always choose unsalted nuts, and most forms of nuts will do. Pistachios, although high in salt and therefore quite more-ish, can be an excellent choice because they are hard to eat quickly.

Cracker snacks

Rice crackers, corn snacks, puffed rice, and other kinds of crackers can make a good snack, especially when combined with some healthy spreads.

Rice crackers - can be a great snack with of without spreads or toppings. They are easy to store, last well, and dont require any preparation. There is a variety of flavours and options at most supermarkets. Try dipping rice crackers in low fat hommus, cottage cheese, or spreading vegemite or peanut butter on top for a great healthy snack. Just watch your intake as rice crackers can be very more-ish and easy to eat more than necessary!

Core or rice thins - are made from puffed corn or rice and can be a good substitute for bread or high fat crackers. We love putting hommus and tomatoes on top with some lettuce and other salad items for an awesome healthy snack. Also try other spreads, cottage cheese, and tuna.

Protein based snacks

The great thing about protein is that it fills you up far more than a carbohydrate based meal will do. The unfortunate thing about protein foods is that they can be more difficult to store or prepare than other snack foods.

Protein shakes - we always recommend people eat whole and real foods, but a protein supplement powder can be a good alternative if you dont have the time or convenience to make a good protein snack. There are a number of brands around and the products will vary from 'meal replacement' shakes to 'protein supplements'.

snack ideasTuna - the small tins of flavoured tuna are simply awesome! You get a good serve of protein with each can, they store forever and are often a pull top opening lid for easy preparation and eating. The flavours are excellent and you get some very healthy omega fatty acids when you eat fish. You don't need to eat tuna straight from the tin by itself - try it on top of crackers with cottage cheese or tomato for a great healthy snack.

Beef jerky - it can be an acquired taste but beef jerky is another easy to carry and store protein based snack. There are a range of varieties, and we recommend the lower salt versions if possible.

To find out more about snacks, healthy snacks, snack ideas, snack foods, eating well, or your individual nutritional needs contact us!


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