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Don't skip breakfast

Do you rush out the door without eating breakfast? Studies show people who skip breakfast are more likely to develop health problems such as diabetes, insulin resistance, or become obese....

dont skip breakfast Breakfast eaters are up to 55 percent less likely to have problems with insulin resistance or become obese than their non-breakfasting counterparts recent research suggests. Although the best results came from eating whole-grain cereals and other nutritious breakfast items, eating breakfast at all was preferential to not eating. So to get a great start to the day make sure you dont skip breakfast!

Why is this so? Someone who eats something early in the morning is less likely to fill up on unhealthy foods later in the day. Starting the day out hungry makes the biscuits or doughnuts around the office so much more tempting so a good breakfast can help you keep on track throughout the day.

The research used data from people enrolled in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study, which started in 1992. Those enrolled at the start of the study were 25 to 37 years of age. The study included 1,884 black and 2,059 white people who reported on their breakfasting (or lack thereof), and who were tested for insulin resistance. The participants were assessed for obesity, abnormal glucose, elevated blood pressure and lipid values over an eight-year period.

Although brand names of products or amounts ingested were not reported, participants were asked how often they ate breakfast, and to identify what they ate by groupings, such as hot cereal, processed cold cereals and the like. Forty-seven percent of whites and 22 percent of blacks reported regularly eating breakfast, which shows a significant amount of people do skip breakfast.

When compared to those who did not breakfast regularly, those who did were 37 percent to 55 percent less likely to develop insulin resistance syndrome — frequently a precursor to diabetes — and to become obese. They are also possibly less likely to develop heart disease, since diabetes often leads to heart disease. It shows eating breakfast is a good preventative measure against some very serious health problems.

Although detailed information about what was eaten was not obtained, the research did take into consideration physical activity, smoking, age and gender and still found eating breakfast to be protective. The research notes that eating breakfast was protective for all participants, with the notable exception of black women, and they are at a loss to explain this.

The wise will heed this advice, which is easy and does make a difference - one simple thing you can do to cut heart risk in half is eat breakfast! So get prepared, buy some good healthy whole grain breakfast food, and dont skip breakfast again!

Source: HealthScout News

To find out more about skipping breakfast, eating well and your individual nutritional needs contact us!


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