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Keep the intensity up for weight loss

A new US study has shown that individuals who regularly exercise at a high level over a long time period are the most successful when it comes to sustained weight loss.....

exercise intensityResearchers, led by Dr Deborah Tate from the University of North Carolina, studied a group of 154 overweight men and women who were taking part in an 18 month weight loss program. They found that those participants who were getting 75 minutes of exercise each day a year after the weight loss program ended had lost an average 11.8kg compared to just 0.8kg among those who were exercising less.

However, only 13 of the 154 study participants were able to keep up with the higher levels of exercise, meaning that the successful weight losers were in a very small minority. In a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the researchers concluded; ‘Strategies are needed to help participants maintain high levels of activity over the long-term’.

202 people were initially placed in either a high physical activity group which aimed to burn 2,500 calories a week, or a standard group aiming to burn 1,000 calories. Twelve months, and then 18 months into the study those in the high activity group lost considerably more weight than those in the regular activity group.

Even though the participants in the high activity level group maintained their regime for the duration of the study, most of them did not keep up the 75 minutes a day exercise after it’s conclusion. This meant that a year after the program ended there was little difference in weight loss between those who had been in the high and the regular activity groups.

Source: IHRSA

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