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Exercise rates high in falls prevention

Falls in the elderly can be fatal, so maintaining balance, strength, and muscle coordination is very important...

exercise fall riskThe Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) lists regular exercise as the first rule for helping the elderly prevent life-threatening falls. Of all fall-related deaths, the BIAA report that more than 60 per cent involve people who are 75 years old or older.

'As people age, factors that contribute to falls include problems with gait and balance, neurological and musculoskeletal disabilities, medication use, dementia and visual impairment,' the report states. 'Environmental hazards such as slippery surfaces, uneven floors, poor lighting, loose rugs and unstable furniture may play a role.'

No matter what factors contribute to falls, here are some tips from the BIAA on how you can help prevent them:

Exercise regularly: exercise improves balance, strength, and muscle coordination. Start with gentle walking, or see a personal trainer for help with lifting weights to increase strength.

Perform a home safety check: Remove things that might be tripped over; store items that are used often in cabinets that can be reached easily without a step stool; install grab bars in the tub or shower; use non-slip mats on bathtubs and shower floors; and install handrails and lights on all stairs and outside.

Source: IHRSA

To find out more about exercise, falls, falls risk, living a long, healthy, and happy life contact us!


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