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Cycle to work

Riding your bike to work is a great way to keep fit and get in some extra training. With Sydney's crazy drivers and busy roads it might not strike you as a viable way to commute but with more thought being put into planning by the RTA and local council's it might be easier thank you think....

cycle to workCycling is a fantastic means of door-to-door transport. It is inexpensive, non-polluting, and is great for your health and fitness. In New South Wales, almost 100 000 people ride their bicycles to work, and with one in two households owning at least one bicycle, there is a wonderful opportunity to reduce pollution and increase fitness levels.

Riding to work will even save you money! It costs between $5,000 and $15,000 a year to maintian and run a car, and you wont need to worry about parking either.

Bicycle New South Wales

Bicycle New South Wales Inc is a member funded, not for profit organisation and was established in 1976 as the Bicycle Institute of New South Wales. Bicycle NSW aims to promote, support and advocate for cycle use for a range of purposes including transport, environmental protection, recreation, tourism and improved community health. These objectives are achieved through staging of cycling events, provision of member services, lobbying and working with all levels of government and industry, fostering community partnerships and developing strategic alliances with appropriate organisations. Visit their website.

RTA Big Ride

Looks like these people got a little lost on their way to work.... The RTA Big Ride is an annual event that runs from Kosciuszko to Kiama. The RTA Big Ride is for any moderately fit person who can ride a bike, and the daily average is 75km. Check out Big Ride website for photos and more information.

More information on cycling to work:

RTA Bike Maps - these are available free at the RTA website or phone 1800 06 06 07.

Books - Read Cycling Around Sydney by Bruce Ashely RRP $24.95 from Bicycle NSW on (02) 9281 4099 or see website below. Another book is Bike It! Sydney: a back street guide for cyclists, you can purchase this book online at Aussie Cycling.

Bicycle New South Wales - provides advice, insurance, bike shop discounts, and the Australian Cyclist magazine to members. Visit their website Bicycle NSW or phone (02) 9281 4099.

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