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The City to Surf

The City to Surf in Sydney is an extremely popular 14km run or walk along some of Sydney's most beautiful harbour bays and it attracts thousands on entrants each year....

city to surf sydneyThe City to Surf is Sydney's most iconic running event, covering a fantastic course that runs from Hyde Park in the Sydney CBD, past the beautiful harbour bays of Double Bay, Rose Bay, up a good climb that has been dubbed 'Heart Break Hill', and then along an undulating section to finally finish at famous Bondi Beach. It's a 14km run or walk and thousands of Sydney-siders enter each year for the fitness, fun, and (usually!) sunshine of a great day.

Any visitor to the city, or indeed any 'true' Sydney-sider should place the completion of City to Surf high on their "must-do" list! The number of entrants for both the competitive run and the fun run/walk sections is simply massive and the carnival style atmosphere of the race is a wonderful thing to be part of. Bands line the streets and on hot days expect to get a quick shower from bystanders with hoses.

You dont need to be super fit to complete the City to Surf, but if you plan to either walk or run it you do need good preparation suitable to how hard you plan to go on the day! For beginners wishing to run the 14km event you'll need to give yourself a good 12 weeks build up. For intermediate level people already running you can get away with less preparation but you will need to work on your endurance and hill work if you arent already running more than 10km.

This is a History of the race from the City to Surf website:

History tells us that the inspiration for this great event came via a note from Fairfax's USA correspondent, who sent a newspaper clipping in 1970 about The San Francisco Bay to Breakers to the editor of The Sun newspaper, Jack Tier.

From that internal memorandum The Sun City to Surf was born, albeit humbly, in 1971, with just over 2,000 entrants (only 2% of the field were females). In the years since it has been proven over and again that no other fun run in the Southern Hemisphere matches the City to Surf in terms of organisation or demographics. For the last two years it has been recognised as the largest timed fun run in the World. With a ratio of almost 50/50 males to females, it is truly a community event attracting entrants from all walks of life and all ages.

Out in front, the stars chase glory and a place in race history. The Sun-Herald City to Surf is acknowledged as Australia's premier road race and the Honour Roll reads like a who's who of Australian champions with Robert de Castella (1977 & 1981), Steve Moneghetti (four consecutive wins 1988-1991, including the course record of 40.03 in 1991), Andrew Lloyd (1983/84/86 and 1993), Lisa Ondieki (1988 & 1991), Heather Turland (1994 &1996) and Susie Power (2001 & 2002) who holds the women's record of 45.08.

Whilst line hours in the inaugural City to Surf went overseas (American Kenny Moore) it took fifteen years before the trophy went abroad again when Englishmen Hugh Jones was the victor. This is in stark contrast to recent years the men’s division which has seen a domination of overseas athletes crossing the finish line at Bondi in first place. South African John Morapedi (1995 & 1996), American Daniel Browne (1998), Kenyan Laban Chege (1999 & 2000), Tanzanian John Msuri in 2001 and last year’s surprise packet Jussi Utrianen from Finland and last year Patrick Lusato again from Tanzania. Tasmania Hayley McGregor took line honours in 2003 finishing more than a minute ahead of Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist Jackie Gallagher.

The 2004 event saw history repeat itself with Patick Nyangelo Lusato and Hayley McGregor take the line honours. However the true stars of The Sun-Herald City to Surf are the more than 1 million people who have entered Australia’s greatest community fitness event in it’s 35-year history.

So how do I get started?

If you plan to run the 14km City to Surf course then you'll need a good base of general aerobic fitness and some good running experience with distances of at least 10km. If you are planning to walk the event then an average fitness level and some reasonable walking experience should be adeqaute preparation for the big day. If you have any doubts about your fitness then get in touch and we can give you a fair opinion!

City to Surf course map:

city to surf course map

Keen to enter the City to Surf?

You can enter online at the City to Surf website.

To find out more about training for the City to Surf contact us!


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