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Encourage your children to exercise

'Activities' for kids don’t seem to involve as much activity these days; television and playing computer games don’t do anything for their health and fitness. So what can we do to make a difference?....

Being fit and healthy by exercising and keeping active is extremely positive for people of any age, but children should be running around as much as possible! Here are some tips for trying to make kids more physically active and getting them into healthy exercise habits for life:

Turn off the television!

Well, you dont need to go to that extreme perhaps, but at least restrict the time your children spend watching TV. Sitting still burns no energy, and obviously isnt giving them any aerobic or fitness exercise. Sitting on the couch gulping down sugar laden drinks and munching on potato chips and chocolate bars doesn’t help either! Encourage your children to eat healthy snacks if they are doing something inactive.

children exerciseSupervise your children’s activity wherever possible.

If your neighbourhood is safe then encouraging children to walk or ride their bike around the streets or at a playground is not an issue. Realistically, the need to supervise your children’s play outside the home can often limit some opportunities for exercise. You could arrange with other parents to take turns watching your kids, or choose areas where supervision is possible while doing something fun yourself.

Encourage your children to get involved in sports.

Exercise is the goal here not a “win at all costs” attitude.Participation in sport is great fun and your children will learn a lot of valulable life skills from being involved. Team or individual sports at school or local clubs often involve some structured training as well as competition. Involvement in these sports encourage social gatherings and activities that will help your children both physically and socially.

Be an example to your children.

If you adopt healthy eating and good exercise and activity habits, your children will get the message too! Giving them the opportunity to exercise, be active, and live a healthy lifestyle early in life will help protect them against the inactivity-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, later in life.

To find out more about fitness for children or aerobic training contact us!


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